Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Official...

All unnecessary walls are now down in the Carlile home. Yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!  Wall number 1 click here.  

All pics on the left are before pics and then the ones on the right are taken from the same point, but now the wall is gone:)
Wall number two:
The hallway in the basement...Is now a hallway in the basement that leads to the family room. 

Left pic: A before shot.  There was a wall separating the family room from the far side of the house.
 Middle and Right pic: in the process of taking it down pics.  I will post the finished product once we paint and spruce the area up.
  Now there are two entrances to this room.  One from the kitchen and now one from the hallway. 
Haven't quite gotten as far as repainting or doing new baseboards, because we are still deciding on whether or not we want to spend time and money on doing new flooring now...I am thinking we keep the tile that is there for now, put baseboards on, do the molding on the ceiling, paint it and then once we move upstairs, we tackle new flooring in the basement?  I just don't feel like living in a construction zone right now.

Wall number 3

This pic is a view of the wall smack dab in the middle of the window. Sorry about the lighting on this one. Oh and did you notice the curtain rod up there at the top?  Whoever built that wall, built it around the curtains, so they  were still in place and without damage, even after the wall came down...hahahaha...but they are now down and on their way to the trash.
So funny how some people build stuff.  The wall was also built right on top of the existing carpet.  When Dave pulled it down, it was the same carpet throughout the room.

This is looking in from the entry way.  We took the french doors out and knocked the wall out.  Now we just need to pull up the padding and Dave can get busy with his mad home remodeling skillz.

I've entered the DIY Ultimate Kitchen and bath giveaway like everyday!  I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win!!! Then we could afford to get this baby done and overwith in no time:)  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Since we haven't finished remodeling these areas, I am going to wait to post our progress.  We have been busy!:)  Well, mostly Dave has been, but I'm not counting myself out.  I've done some dirty work  helping unload a heap of stuff at the dump.  Let me just say I nearly threw up when I opened the car door, and I had my bouts of dry heaving throughout the experience.  Glad I don't work there...Delivering babies and dealing with the occasional bowel movement might stink everynow and again, but it is no where near the stink at the dump.  Hahahaha...TMI

Monday, November 7, 2011

Say What?

Picture from here.

Picture from here.

Picture from here.

Hahaha...I had to post this to The Blog.  I am seriously loving this website!  It has given Dave and I tons of ideas for the remodel + I love all the cutesy stuff on there I can make for my sissy girl + all the cool kid craft ideas+decor ideas!  This site is just pure genious!

  I love that I can get on there in the wee hours of the night to see how creative people are! There are tons of do it yourself (DIY's) projects, and I actually think I could makes some pretty cool stuff!  Yay for creative people!