Thursday, June 30, 2011

Informative Read

Hellhound On His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His AssassinHellhound On His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin by Hampton Sides

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In this book, Hampton Sides puts together the details of both James Earl Ray(Martin Luther King's killer)and Martin Luther King during the days leading up to King's assassination. There were so many details about Martin Luther King I didn't know, and I never knew anything about his killer until now.

I have always revered Martin Luther King. It was sad to learn about how things happened in his family in the years after his death. I never knew his brother, AD King was also found dead several years after King's assassination. His mother was also gunned down while playing the organ at a church...just sad. His dad had a lot of sorrow and loss of his family.

I liked something King's father said to reporters who were eager to hear how he felt about the manhunt that was going on for his son's assassin(who had just escaped prison). When reporters questioned him about the escaped assassin, his response was, "I hope they don't kill him. Let's hope he doesn't get killed. You're looking at the face of a black man who hates nobody." Even after all he had been through he had no hate.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Favorite Photo...

July 2007

Can't believe that was four years ago!!  Since when does time fly like this???


Monday, June 27, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Musicians

I can honestly say I love just about every song each of these artist has made.

Man, I love music!! I could listen to these guys all day long:)  I have been all night here at work...passing time:)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"I believe all these things which thou hast spoken..."

My lesson in Primary today is on: The Lord Helps Missionaries.

A story I will be telling the children about today is one I love.  Here is the paraphrased version of the story from the lesson manual:

Ammon was a Nephite prince. He was one of the sons of a righteous king named Mosiah. Ammon chose to teach the Lamanites about the gospel of Jesus Christ instead of becoming king.
Ammon loved Jesus Christ and wanted to serve him well. He prayed and fasted that the Spirit would be with him and help him.
When Ammon went to the Lamanites, they tied him up and took him to their king because they thought he was an enemy. Ammon asked to be a servant to the king. King Lamoni liked Ammon and let him live.

One day as Ammon and some of the other servants were taking the king’s sheep to water, some of the king’s enemies came and scattered the sheep. The king’s servants were frightened. They knew the king would have them killed if the sheep were stolen or lost.

When Ammon heard this, he told the servants that he would help. He told them to gather the flocks and he would take care of the robbers. He knew the Spirit would help him.
When the robbers saw Ammon coming toward them, they were not afraid, because there were many of them and Ammon was alone. The robbers did not know that the Spirit was helping Ammon. Ammon began throwing stones at them with his sling with such great power and strength that it surprised them. They soon found that although Ammon could hit them, they could not hit Ammon with their stones. The Spirit was protecting him.

The robbers attacked Ammon with their clubs. But Ammon received such great strength from the Lord that he cut off the arm of every robber who lifted his club to kill him. The robbers became so frightened that they ran away. Ammon was able to protect the king’s sheep because the Lord helped him.

 While preparing this lesson, a particular scripture impressed me and just made me feel at peace. 

Alma 18:33
And King Lamoni said: I believe all these things which thou hast spoken.  Art thou sent from God?

This is how I feel about the Book of Mormon.  "I believe all these things which thou hast spoken..."  I know the ancient prophet Mormon abridged the records kept by so many of the prophets of old.  I love to read about them, I love to learn more about them, I love trying to teach it teaching it to the kids.  Some days I don't even think they learned a thing...some days I realize, "Yes, I am the teacher here, and they are the children there to learn, but often times I am the one being strengthened, I am the one increasing in knowledge, and in testimony."  And for that I am grateful.  This scripture takes me back to my converting days...I am thankful for the things I have learned and I am thankful for the knowledge I have of the work here on earth today.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Getting My OWN longboard!! Yippee!!

They are in the making!  Dave and his mad longboard making skillz is whipping one up for The oldest and I!  I am way excited!  The kids love riding on Dave's longboard.  Do you remember when Dave made his.  Click here if you need a refresher:)

Just a few pics of how Sissy enjoys the longboard:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

That's What 108 Degree Heat'll Do To Ya!

That my friends occured INSIDE my vehicle while I was at work today!
You can only imagine my surprise when I opened my van door to go home today!  There was a plethora of hot Pepsi on my drink holder and around the area the unopened can had been.   I normally don't work during the day, but we had a skills day today so I was in Mesquite during the hottest hours of the day.  The high there was 108 degrees!  Whoooa!  It was toasty out there that is for sure. 

I had no idea that could happen to a Pepsi can or any soda can for that matter.  So in the future you can bet I won't be keeping my emergency drinks in the car during the heat of the summer.  :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That Right There...

Is ten years worth of wear and tear! 

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Actually, the first three years of it's life in our lives, it was just Dave and really 7 1/2 years of wear and tear by our children. ;)
We are in desperate need of new furniture!  (why on earth haven't I gotten rid of those hideous pillows??) We are holding out until we buy a new house so we can get the right size for the right place. 

This rip just started yesterday and today it is already this big...thanks to the children thinking it is cool to see it grow.  Grrrr...

So, I've been shopping around for what I I just have to get my house:)  Doesn't sound like it's happening anytime soon either:(  We were supposed to close weeks ago and the deadline just keeps getting extended.  Who knows if will ever be ours.

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Lovely Out There...

And we heard there is a new movie playing about Joseph Smith, so we headed over to the St. George Temple.

Not the best quality of pics taken with my phone.
The kids had fun watching all of the shows designed for them.

I loved the new movie about the prophet Joseph Smith.  My three kids sat through the whole thing and watched it.  Sissy lost some interest, but with fishy crackers and her milky, we were golden and were able to watch it the whole way through without incidence.

With our oldest getting closer to his baptism, we've been frequenting the visitor's center often.  They have over a half a dozen movies you can watch.  We've only seen four of them.  He seems to like them, and afterwards, he always has a lot of questions.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!


Beard and all!
We just want you to know we think the world of you!  You are an amazing father!  You are the father I have always wanted for our children.  Thank you for taking good care of us and for working as hard as you do!!  We love you!!  We need you!!  Love the family!

Dave's impression of Bubba's smile...Bahahahahha

We're not all smiles though...

A quick shout out to my Pappi
I love you more than I can say.  Thank you for all you have taught me and for all you continue to do for our family!
And to my father in law...Thank you for your love, your wisdom and knowledge.  I love hearing you teach about the gospel.  I wish I could come to your gospel doctrine class every week! 

Happy Father's Day!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Movie Night At Our House

Watching one of my childhood favorites!!
And of course popping some good ole fashioned home made popcorn!!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Days Of Summer

Lots of bike riding going on...

 Catching lizards...

Playing with them

Playing on the slide our only play on-able toy in the back...since our yard isn't big enough for the Tramp...Oh man how I miss that thing!!!  I cannot wait to have a yard again!!!

And of course, summer accidents.  Luckily we are all in one piece:)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

That's Right Ya'll...

I'm going to learn how to play the Ukelele!!

I have always loved the way this instrument sounds.  Love Jack Johnson and his use of the Ukelele, Zee Avi, and the countless Hawaiian music out there that I enjoy listening too as well.  More recently, I have been inspired by one of my all time favorite patient's ever!!  I had this Polynesian gal who was the sweetest thing!!  She and her family were playing and singing to the ukelele music the whole time she was laboring. I swear I was in the room my whole shift just having a good time with them!  I loved how they were all united by the love of the music.  The feeling of joy and happiness in the room just seemed so appropriate as she was about about to bring a soul into the world.   I've thought to myself since taking care of her, "I want to learn how to play that thing so I can play it with my family."  Hopefully trying to emulate the love and happiness I could see in the room that night I took care of her.

So Dave and I checked out how much they were and they were actually quite affordable so Dave made a purchase:)  So here I am getting started learning the chords.  Now I just will need someone who can sing!!  Dave?  Sissy?  Tom?  Bubba?  One of ya'll will have to step it up in that arena!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bustin' Out The Telescope

The moon was looking extra clear the other night, so Dave got the boys' telescope out for them to take a look.  They thought it was pretty cool!  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Utah Valley Marathon!!

So the night before, we headed to Red Robin for some good eats and then headed for Provo, where we stayed at Aimee's parents house, just two blocks from where the buses were picking all the runners up.  We got to bed around 10:30ish and let me tell ya, it was a nervous sleep.  The alarm at 2:50 am came way too quickly!!  Lucky for us Aimee's dad dropped us off at the buses so we didn't have to deal with parking:)
A pre pic of Aims and I before we loaded the buses.

That smile is because I was almost done!!   At this point in the marathon, I was getting my last burst of energy right before the finish.  I think having Dave cheer me on and all the rest of the crowd cheering for all of the runners helped with that too!

This pic reminds me of what I was feeling like around mile seventeen.  I was mentally feeling like I could no longer keep my pace of 8:22.  I fell back off of the pacer at this point as I was beginning to tell myself I couldn't do it for another 9 miles.  Then like a switch my mind said, "Yes you can!! Stop talking like this and step it up girl!!"  And I did.  When I look back at my splits, my seventeenth mile was an 8:44 and then the next three were right back down at or below my 8:22 target pace.  I wasn't able to hold that pace after the 20th mile though...maybe next time:)

All of these shots were along the course when I had about a mile left.  I was in some serious pain.  My legs were so tired, but there was no question about finishing the race.  I knew I was almost done!!  I was so excited when I saw the crowd and the big blow up finish line way ahead.  My speed quickened at the thought of being done!!

Here's Aim's on her way in to the finish line!!  She did awesome!  She qualified for Boston!!!  If only I had stayed with her maybe I would be celebrating the same thing!!  Dang!  All I have to do now is train harder and hopefully avoid any injuries so I can make it my goal for the St. George marathon!

In route to the finish!! 

Aim's and I after we finished!!

The way I look here, is exactly the way I felt, completely exhausted!!

My friend Jess brought Aimee and I pretty flowers after our race!  It was seriously the nicest thing!  She came all the way up there just to show her support for us!

Dave seriously had to put up with all the training that went into this marathon!  He is so great.  He didn't complain(a whole lot) about it and was very supportive.  I am thankful to have him and thankful he was as supportive as he has been!  Thank you!  Thank you mi amor!!  

You know, training for a marathon is a lot of work.  But in the end, it all works out and I feel like it was worth it!!  I don't know how to describe the feeling I was having as I was about to finish 26.2 freaking miles!!  It is an awesome feeling is all I can say!!  I am thankful my body can do this and I am thankful I have been able to experience this!  This race experience was such a great one!!  I am so proud of myself for doing it!  I was so happy to have perfect weather, no wind or sand blowing in my face, and to have beautiful scenery to make it a lovely run! 

Now, I am feeling the after pain of running 26.2 freaking miles.  My body is stiff, my foot hurts, and I walk like I'm ninety!  I was hoping I could avoid any problems with my foot, but I am afraid the pain is back.  I had taken 6 weeks off of my training some of Feb and all of March for this marathon due to a stress fracture in my foot and I'm afraid it might be back :(  So I will be resting it a while and then, onto training for the St. George Marathon!!