Saturday, October 30, 2010

Costumes and Trunk or Treating

The oldest busting out his Mario pose.
The boys busting out the pose together.
This year for Halloween, I found these Mario costumes on a website for five dollars $5!!!  I couldn't believe it, only five bucks?!.  We had gone to the Halloween store and saw the same exact costume for $40.  Andrew wanted to be Darth Vader originally, and I found a sweet Darth Vader get up on the same website for under $10. if you want to remember for next year.  I figured since I was getting the costumes for so cheap, I would just buy two Mario costumes in addition to the Darth Vader one.  So the boys could have their own Mario.  They both just Love the guy. 

We were wondering if our new ward had a trunk or treat.  We have always gone to them in our old ward and we have loved it!  We were so excited to find The Quail Ridge Ward does them too.  We even got to experience their "tube Steaks" as our bishop calls them. I came dressed up as a cow girl(costume courtesy of HHS Silhouettes & MJ Carlile) hehehe...long story, but I had two so I got to keep one of them.

I tried to get Dave to dress up in his BYU nerd get up, but he wasn't too interested in that one.  Didn't really want to make too many odd first impressions here in the new ward. would have been awesome!  Maybe next year:)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We've Been Doing A lot of This:

Today we did a little bit of both the indoor and outdoor pool. They stop heating the outdoor pool in October, so you can see on the oldest's face it was less than warm.
The kids have been swimming at least 5 or 6 times. I am beginning to think this is never going to get old. Sissy is really starting to love the water. She is becoming more and more independent every time we go. Glad we have the pool, because we have no backyard to really play in.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our First Visitors

The Atkinson's were down here for the St. George Marathon and stopped by to see us.
We sure are going to miss our cute little babysitter Tara.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Few Shifts At IMC Labor & Delivery

Once again, I was lacking on photos of all of my favorite people I work with. Here are just a few pics of some of my friends from work.
Becky Painter, Laura Gleed, Melanie Longmore, Shelly Jackman, Suzi Bria, and Corrinne Scott. Love all of these gals. Loved biking with them. Loved learning more about food storage with them. When I couldn't be home with my little family, I loved spending the wee hours of the night with them. Work was only fun because of you and of course the cute little babies we got to sometimes hold. I will miss you all.