Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Another Birthday?

 What is a Birthday? 
From the writings of Emily Matthews

Dreaming big and reaching far,
Wishing on your own bright star,
Celebrating who you are-
that's what a birthday is.

Doing all your favorite things,
Touching all the joy life brings,
Hearing how each moment sings -
that's what a birthday is...

Setting this one day a part,
Looking deep within your heart,
Believing in a brand-new start -
that's what a birthday is.

The big 3-0!!!

My Aunt Rose sent me a card with this on it and it absolutely made my day!!  Can I just say, I LOVE getting stuff in the mail!!  I love checking the mail!  First thing I do is follow the mail man after he's delivered my mail for the day everyday!  Who doesn't like getting greetings in the mail! 

Well today on a day I leave my twenties  I did exactly all of these things!  I got to sleep in today one thing I love doing but don't do very often.  Then because I had run my long run last night, I decided to get the kids settled in their activities: Spence off to school, Drew doing his preschool, and Lila watching Ponyo.  Then I hit the bed, with my girl by my side, to rest my legs and watch a show with her while I started giving my thanks to all my Facebook peeps for the birthday wishes. That I've decided will have to be done in shifts:)  So many great friends who have given me a smile!  I think Facebook is definitely a plus on birthdays!  I mean really!  When we are adults birthdays aren't quite the same as they were when we were kids, but FB brings a little of that back don't cha think? Hehehehe... 

This has been the best month of my life!!  I celebrated 10 years of marriage to my sweet heart Dave!  Let me tell you what!  It has been one hell of a great up and down ride...mostly up ride!  I think I am more grateful for him now than I ever have been.  We have sure learned a lot about each other since we have moved here.  It has probably been the most beneficial thing we have done for our marriage!  Not really knowing we were actually doing anything for our marriage.  It has helped us grow closer as a couple and stronger as a family. Not just because of the move, but because what it has forced us to realize and work on.  I have sure learned a lot about what is really important in life.  I'm so grateful for him and for how he has helped me see so many things in a different light.  I have realized I am not so right all of the time.  And most of the time I need to let the pride go and leave the selfishness at the door.  He loves me for me and he always has regardless of what my old not so secure self has told myself.  I feel like the old not so secure self is a thing of the past.  And I can thank Dave for that! 
Here's a pic of us on our ten year anniversary!

Today I just looked at the laundry that needed folding and that is about it.  I despise folding laundry, so on this day, the day I join the big league 3-0 can wait til tomorrow:)  Maybe the husband will even do it?  Hahahaha...ya right...I've learned they do things when you ask them too, not when you hint at them too;)

After I spent the day with the little kiddies playing outside and finishing the birthday cake. 

When Dave got home we headed to one of my faves...La Fra AKA La Frontera.  We all had ourselves the yummy smothered burritos! YU- UM!! I must say this day of turning 30 was actually quite nice!  We then came home and had cake and ice cream!! 

Note to self:  never give my children Sissy, sugar after 7 PM again!!!

They She was a real treat to put to bed to say the least.  But I must say she did say the sweetest prayer before bed.  Dave and I both were sad we didn't have it on film.  It was so so cute!!  I love how she says, "Plea bwess..."  After reading and prayers, I layed with the boys and tickled and scratched their backs as usual.  Love this time with my boys.  It is a time we talk and a time where they let me cuddle them.

After getting the kiddies to bed we watched a movie.  It was a lovely day that is for sure!!!

Dave got me a cute decoration for the kids to put their hand prints on.  I can't wait until it is done!!  The oldest wanted to give me his own gift, so he gave me a wrapped up paper and this is what was in it. 

So cute huh!!?  It was three dollars he had saved in his piggy bank.  Kids are the sweetest I tell you!

The second saw the gift and felt bad so Dave whipped up a few dollars he could give me too.  I just love these little bubby boys of mine!!

Onto a new decade of my life!!  Here's to enjoying the now and looking forward with hope for all the days to come!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

"By Small and Simple Things are Great Things Brought to Pass"

Women's Conference with a lot of girls from my old ward!! 

Some of the girls who were in attendance from our ward and Beverly who we met...She's from Idaho.

Beverly and Karla.  Bev was Karla's roomie in the dorms...

Had some serious fun staying in the dorms...feel kind of bad for those who were in the dorms...they probably didn't get much sleep!  It was a par-tay every night!

Especially fond of these two gals!!

Ashlie and Jen
Ashlie was my roomie.  We stayed up even after all our fun in the other girls rooms just talking.  Girl time...we all need it every now and again;) 

Cannot even put into words how great this conference was!  I was definitely spiritually uplifted and came away with a desire to do more and to remember what I am doing is good too.  This years Conference theme was "By Small and Simple Things Are Great Things Brought to Pass"  The small and simple things are what bring us to where we are going and where we will be.  Daily prayer, daily scripture study, daily going about of praising our children, remembering we are good and we are great, and that we will do great things if we stick to the basics and then add more as we can.  But the important part is sticking to the basics.  If we are not prayerful and do not study the scriptures regularly it is difficult to receive the inspiration and guidance needed to steer us in the right direction.  I went to several classes on Marriage and I loved learning about how Dave and I can improve our communication together, improve our love for each other, and improve our appreciation of all each of us has to offer to our little family.
There were so many great talks.  One that was especially touching was Sister Pierce's in the opening session. I think I loved hearing her story of how she and her husband relished and enjoyed his last year here on this earth.  It was sad to hear he died, but I often find myself yearning for things in my relationship... When it comes down to it...I find that I actually have those things...I am just so caught up on some of the things I think we lack I loose sight of the important things we already have.  I have made a point to focus on what we have together rather than what we don't have together.  I got into all the classess I wanted to and here are some of the ones I went too:  Sister Dalton's talk on "the best measure of true greatness is how christlike we are" That was really good.  I went to a talk on the Beattitudes-that was good. Went to several on Eternal Marriage-both good and helpful.  Went to one one on the atonement-really liked sister Wilkinson's talk in that one.  Went to another on delighting in the scriptures.  It was all good!  There were so many other talks I wanted to go to...but you have to just pick one.

All of the General sessions were great!  Elder and Sister Bednar spoke in the closing sesssion.  I really like those two.

We always sat together in the opening and closing sessions.

Thursday night was the big concert.  H-O-L-Y COW!!  Who knew it would be as badass as it was!!!  It was seriously so good and oh so much fun!!  We got to hear from Kirby Heyborne who was hilarious by the way...I'm totally going to go see his new show.  Hilary Weeks performed, Sherie Call, Vocal Point-these guys were amazing!  Absolutely loved their performance.  They are an all a cappella group.  It didn't hurt them that their opening number was Beat It by Michael Jackson.  Anyone who can successfully sound like Michael Jackson is definitly going to be a winner in my book! We also heard from Jenny Oaks Baker-most beautiful violin music for sure! My very favorite song and performance by April Meservey.  She sang a beautiful song(can't remember the name of it though).  Then there was Josh Wright.  Wowwweeee!  He has got some talent that boy!  Amazing piano skillz!  It was so much fun!  Afterwards I got in on meeting some of my favorite performers.

Hilary Weeks....Wasuuuuuuuuuup!!! I like her...but the long line to see her was way long and so a picture of me by her backside was good enough for me;)

  If you haven't heard of are missing out!!  She is an amazing violinist.  I just had to get a picture with her.  I got her CD too.  I had her sign it to Lila Jo!  I want one of my kids to play the violin.  I've always wanted to play it, but there are only so many things a mom can do.  Playing the violin isn't much of a priority;)  I love the music a violin beautiful and spirit inviting.

OH MY GOSH!  This girl brought me to tears with her song.  April Meservy is her name.  I just bawled through her entire song.  So so good!  I had to get a pic with her too!

The girls were kind enough to wait for me while I went on my photo frenzi with all these awesome musicians.

Next Josh Wright.  H-o-l-y HANNAH!!  HE IS GOOD at playing the piano!!  He was AMAZING!!  So I had to get a pic with him too.  One day...I'd like to be good enough to play the hymns at least.

On the last night we were there we totally had to initiate the newbies to
 King OOGA BOOGA!!!!

Yours truly...

If you want have to pass the test of King OOGA BOOGA!!!!  Let me know and I'll hook you up!

Jen Luker and I's official...I am expecting...hahahaha...just kidding.  This baby bump is more of a buffet bump:)  There was some good eatin at The Cannon Center at Brigham Young is all I'm sayin about that.

Jen Perez made it up on the last day!  She was my VT before we moved.  Love that girl!  She is one of the most kind people I know.

We had ourselves a few good laughs over this pic...