Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pomegranate Juice...Sort Of

That right there is about 10 seeded pomegranates...give or take a few

My idea of juicing since I don't have a pomegranate press yet.  I couldn't fit all of the seeds in on one blend, so i did two.

Looks more like a smoothie to me:)

It was kind of like one because of the texture.  But the seeds took away the "smoothe" aspect of a smoothie. It was still rather tasty.  This juice is THE best juice from a fruit I've ever tried so far!  I had never had any before.  Now I am noticing at the grocery store, they do sale pomegranate juice for like an arm and a leg, and you only get like two cups!  But I can understand why the cost is so high now that I have slaved away at seeding the darn things.  I'll bet I spent a good two hours seeding those pomegranates and I only yielded about two quarts of juice, but boy...I'll tell you what, that juice was worth it!!  Now I just really need a pomegranate press:)


Kathryn said...

k, I have a few pomegranate secrets for you so call me! :) I can seed a pomegranate in about 30 seconds. :) And try straining out the seeds with a sieve. And if you're really ambitious take that juice and make jelly...best.jam.ever!

Tori said...

I have heard there is a slick trick to seeding them. I swear I saw it on pinterest somewhere.

Could you use a juicer? I just made grape juice for the first time ever and used a juicer. It was super easy and delish. I don't know if it would work for pomegranates though.

Way to go you little domestic goddess! :)

heather said...

Um these all sound like lovely ideas but don't you just need a spoon? I LOVE POMEGRANATES! However with the supply you have I see the need for other resources. :)